23: Look, I killed the rat!

Look, I killed the rat!
Good news, everybody! (I watched the last two seasons of Futurama over Xmas and I'm brainwashed)
I'm back home and I've started drawing episode 450, the first panel is up on TWC.


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I have moved the character portraits and bios from the xmas 2013 advent calendar here.
Few things are epic like a fight between a level 1 character and a level 1 monster.
"You miss the rat"
"The rat misses you"
"You miss the rat"
"You land a critical hit on the rat for 1 point of Neglegible Physical Damage!"
"The rat misses you"
"You miss the rat"


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My pantry is empty,

My clothes are dingy,

and my heart is breaking,

'cause you're so stingy...

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