29: Please try to roleplay

Please try to roleplay

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I have moved the character portraits and bios from the xmas 2013 advent calendar here.
Me and one of my best online gaming friends, Shoei, used to annoy everyone else in irc with our "yoeth, dude, sir!", "wazzupeth, thou?", etc. etc. Another favorite was the business letter, "b3sT r3g4rdZ, uRz trOOly". Can't get tired of that shit! People just don't understand... they become irritable after a few hours of it.
Quick note to non-players: To be PK'd means to be player killed, i.e. killed by another player (usually a PK, player killer). It's a type of death that tends to annoy people much more than dying to monsters, especially if the PKs loot their stuff.


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My pantry is empty,

My clothes are dingy,

and my heart is breaking,

'cause you're so stingy...

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